Entwine Trilogy | Book Two


A seer whose faulty visions could be deadly.

Two soon-worthy Scottish men – one who shares her gift and one who trusts her heart.

Three women whose cautiously healing sisterhood is still riddled with doubt and fear. 

When you deft the Universe to save those you love, the cost may be higher than you expect…

As a child, Kate Banberry had visions of the future, visions no one believed except her two closest friends, Sam and Beth, girls with incredible gifts of their own. But then the ugly aftermath of tragedy shattered their sisterhood, leaving Kate alone, hiding her gift from the world once more.

Now widowed and raising two young daughters while running a failing bed and breakfast, Kate yearns for normalcy after bringing a serial killer to justice with the help of Sam and Beth. This hope is dashed when Kate has a death vision, revealing the presence of a secret organization intent on unlocking the special gifts of people like Kate through awful means – kidnapping, blackmail and horrific experimentation. If what Kate has seen comes to pass, lives will be lost and their fledging sisterhood will be destroyed. Forever.

To have any chance of success, Kate must believe in herself and gifts, embracing her full potential as the Oracle. In the end, she’ll defy the Universe to have any chance to save those she loves. But will it be enough?

Entwine Trilogy

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