Entwine Trilogy | Book One


A hunky 18th century Scottish ghost.

A modern-day serial killer.

Three women whose sisterhood could save them, but only if they can accept who—and what— they are.

The tangled threads that entwine their fates leave little question: if the Universe gives you a gift, refuse it at your own risk.

As a child, Samantha Hamilton once helped ghosts move beyond Entwine, where the world of the dead overlaps that of the living. But when Sam couldn’t see her parents’ ghosts after their deaths, she locked away her curse, shattering her friendship with Kate and Beth, two other girls with incredible powers, in the process.

Years later, Sam reluctantly agrees to go to Scotland to rid Kate’s B&B of a poltergeist. But there are darker things at work than a cantankerous poltergeist. The ghostly victims of a local serial killer demand an unbreakable Bargain for Sam to help stop their killer. Their red hair is only the first clue Kate is on the killer’s list.

To save the friend she’s already failed too many times—and to have any hope of finding love with her unlikely soulmate—Sam will have to accept her gift and heal her bond with Kate and Beth, a sisterhood with the potential to be far more powerful than they ever imagined…

Entwine Trilogy

Entwine | Book One


Raven | Book Two