As a writer, you would think I’d have a blog by now, but I realized I had been afraid of devoting much time to writing outside of my books — that it would hinder me from finishing my stories. And did I really have much to say in a blog? What would I write about?

But when my cancer returned again this year and COVID hit, I had to adjust and change in so many areas, that really, writing a blog was small potatoes. A saying my parents loved.

I started to think about what I could put in my blog.

So many people yearn to write a book or are struggling to write one. How many have a story sitting in their drawer that they don’t know what to do with? There are so many promises to ourselves that we don’t keep. But writing your book should never be one of those. The world needs all our voices and I can help writers on their path to do what lights up their soul.

I’ve also recently found so many people struggling to connect with their audience on an emotional level through social media. And social media has become even more integral in our businesses, in our lives, than ever before.

I knew they were missing the magic of storytelling.

Storytelling isn’t just confined to writing books or when you get together with friends to catch up. Storytelling at its most pure form is all about building that relationship between the teller and the listener. And in 2020, we’ve needed that more than ever as our inability to be physically near each another has left many feeling isolated and alone. But we can connect with our words. Sometimes even more than we could before because of our new Normal.

I also discovered just how important it is to be an example of hope. When my lung surgeon shared that my survival from this rare cancer over and over again, keeps them going at my hospital, my eyes filled with tears. My fight helps keep them inspired to push as hard as they can to save lives. He shared about the death he’s seen over his years. And with my type of cancer, the survival rate is about 50%. My outlook has never been good. But I haven’t let that stop me.

He said, “Tracey, keep doing what you’re doing. Please keep fighting.”

I heard his words loud and clear. With a blog, I can share my challenges, my struggles and my triumphs not only in writing, but with cancer.

I finally understood that I do have a lot to say not only about the craft and business of writing and my books, but also about bringing light out of the darkness. And if I’m lucky, truly lucky, I’ll also inspire some of you to pursue your dreams.  That would be the greatest gift of all!

I appreciate you being on this journey with me. Let the blogging begin!!